We are i8universe, the first digital community platform that aims to combine the values ​​of freedom and respect for free expression, with the insertion of the most democratic form of technological development in the world, which is the blockchain, through a token that combines protocols with characteristics of utility with Defi.

We believe that the existing algorithms and their wide dissemination ended up proving that the basest side of commercial social relations, where humans are considered only as a passive agent to feed large intelligence centers with purely commercial purposes and aiming for their own profit, caused the principles of the internet, social networks, and even tokens to end up distorting its purposes.

We have seen in recent years the degree of algorithmic sophistication being taken to such a point that messages stopped being sent to everyone, and even the group of followers themselves could not access them. More than that, these restrictions, by central powers, caused large ideological bubbles to close every human being in themselves.

The messages were so restricted that the more we immerse ourselves in a theme, only that strand of thought is shown to us, creating the false illusion that this way of thinking is unanimity.

This field of direction made disinformation present in all social strata and niches, and, in addition, it has even showed that the ideological strands of those who control the algorithms have given the guidance of what people ought to think, act, behave, propagate, and so on.

i8Universe intends to break this paradigm. We value freedom of expression regardless of the social class, religious, political and cultural niche. The delivery of the message is done freely, providing that the one who generates content is close not only to the public who agree directly with them, but also to be shown in counterpoint to the others, raising awareness that each one can be free to view diverse content and be able to have a broader view.

The English writer Evelyn Beatrice Hall, best known for her biography of Voltaire, coined a famous phrase that symbolizes the right to free expression. Under the pseudonym Stephen G. Tallentyre, the author created this sentence to summarize the thought of freedom of expression, and over time it ended up being attributed to the thinker, who says: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it

Yes! One of the basic human rights is the possibility of expressing, recognizing, learning, unlearning, relearning… but only if the message is spread. So much so that most countries place this value as a Stone Clause in their National Constitutions, as in the case of the USA, which is in the Founding Fathers letter, or Brazil, which has a Stone Clause about it, and in the majority of countries: Portugal, France, England…

Only in totalitarian regimes is there prior censorship or curtailment to this basic human right.

Acknowledging that digital platforms are only delivery vehicles, and that they do not have the right to censorship, but the collective that emanates the message or that by force of law or common law understands the limits of the border of this in relation to understanding the disrespect towards the others, groups, niche… is a way to improve our insertion in society.

Obviously, one must respect the limits of what is freedom of expression, or simply hate speech, defamation, insult, slander, incitement to violence of any kind (including against individuals, groups or institutions), etc. BUT how can we make this differentiation and expand our views of the world if algorithms pre-censor what comes to us?

Capital, as an economic model, ended up being decisive in conducting, in recent years, the specific vision of message curtailment, causing the mapping of our profiles, information, data, metadata to be packaged as products and directed by the networks to those who simply are willing to pay more, and, amazingly, without our attention, time, investment being minimally rewarded. Every connected human being invested in imperceptibly absurd amounts of resources to be connected: electronic equipment, data connection, time spent and etc.

In a period of 10 years, how many devices you and your family have already bought or had access to? how much have you spent on internet access data? how much time have you and your family spent doing it? And do you know how much have you earned thereby? Nothing. On top of that, you and actions were still used as a mass of metadata as a product.

In the last 10 years we have given up privacy in favor of comfort. That is a fact.

Changing this equation is only possible through new technologies and protocols. This discrepancy in the equation needs to be revised or dealt with frankly and directly. We do not just want every citizen on the planet join us on our social media, but rather be an active agent on it.

We are transparent about this equation: the blockchain allowed us to unite the possibility of you keep doing what you do, the way you do, but being rewarded for your time, attention, interest, interaction… making you not just a passive spectator, but that you also take part in the rewards previously restricted to just a few agents: the network owners, the mega influencer, or the big brand.

Here, everyone is welcome and rewarded for this: your attention and use, the content reaching more people, brands reaching more people with more accuracy and less cost… from now on, for the first time, the viewer is a fair part of the process.

It is not enough for your content to impact tens, thousands, millions of people, if their active time is not rewarded, and especially that of each content creator is not rewarded. Today there are millions of interactions that are not made tangible for anything, and that has to change.

For advertisers, there is a noticeable improvement as their cost of reach decreases a lot when delivery is greater, and the public is more attentive, as they are rewarded for the same amount that was previously only spent on passive consumption; the reward level increases the level of satisfaction with the brand or message as well. Also, the possibility of being rewarded when you are i8universe for holding units of the used token, for its Defi feature (see the i8Coin Whitepaper).

The use of blockchain as in tokens, that are backed by community development, composition of risk dilution to maintain economic value and insertion in more than one DEX, is the most coherent way to make this happen, as in addition to each active agent a member can be a holder of the social media as they have more time, fractions or units of it, as everything was built on DAO’s vision. The more assets and units, the more possibility of action.

The currency of social reciprocity, an algorithm that makes content reach a higher percentage of people, and a fair reward to each of the process members are the keynote of our platform. Freedom of speech without prior censorship, respecting legal limits, action rewards directly in blockchain with pairing to multiple protocols, and a global vision that you should be free to think, speak, and be inserted in the profit equation.

In short, we want all agents to be rewarded in the digital economy, changing their active time, making rational use of their metadata and knowing that they are actively included in the capital generation equation. Making prior censorship cease to exist, that freedom of expression by making the message arrive regardless of bias is a present value, and that the transparency, security and guarantee of connecting to a DEX under a DAO, revolutionize the world.

At i8Universe we want to be the largest social media where there is intelligent life in the Universe, for eternity, according to our logo, inserting everyone in their social relationships and economic digital insertion.

Some principles beyond these values:

– Inclusion: A gregarious place where anyone, of any age, gender, religion, race, ethnicity has their place of speech respected.

– Respect: we want an open friendly environment that respects social, religious, political, academic, cultural, artistic aspects and ideologies.

– Freedom: free platform where anyone can speak out, support and be supported, discover the new, as they will be able to visualize outside their bubble.

– Community: We want to be able to strengthen communities with common sense or similar interaction characteristics, whether through ideas or other facts that bring them together.

Technological development: we are always open to technological evolution for the benefit of i8Universe’s community, including concepts and developments from partners.

– Learning: we can learn from the community even about concepts, ideas, speech alterations, social evolutions, social, cultural and religious thoughts.

– Connection: We want to be able to connect not only people, but also brands, products, institutions, among others, that are the most suitable and assertive to their individual or collective desires, wishes, or needs.

– Insertion: to be able to economically insert all agents through their own blockchain token.

– Innovation: always seeking to develop new forms and technologies, keeping its values ​​respected and for the benefit of the community itself, through its own disruptive research and development, when not found in other potential partners.

-Collaborative: every member is free to suggest improvements, such as APIs, developments, improvements, intersections, technologies, movements, through dropbox forum, aimed at the collective good or improvement of commercial, marketing or technological policies.


The economic activities related to i8universe are all based on blockchain and the free trade, receipt, payment or exchange of the i8Coin token.

The token is embedded in its own DEX and in Waves’ DEX, blockchain where it was developed, and can be accessible to anyone who creates their wallet or profile in the community.

Business partners who want to leverage their brands, products or services will do so by purchasing the i8coin token, or its fractions, and directing to which post they want to boost views.

On the other hand, the crypto market can also speculatively trade the token within DEX, as it is already paired with several highly liquid cryptocurrencies, such as Waves, Bitcoin, Ethereum, among others.

As it also has Defi characteristics, according to our Whitepaper, it is possible to acquire a basket of tokens through a specific Staking platform.

The advertiser who wishes to carry out the placement process will acquire the quantity of tokens or fractions in the book of orders of one of the DEXs, thus giving more liquidity to transactions, and will carry out the payment operation for the desired advertisement.

Users rewarded for actions in the community, such as creating a profile, tagging users, posting content, liking, commenting, sharing and following, will be rewarded with fractions of the i8Coin token, called Stars, which will be transparently transferred to DEX is settled there by the demand law of advertisers or cryptolovers, through Waves, BTC, Ethereum, or others, thus creating a continuous and positive flow for the entire community.