Observing the following conditions:

1. The images, voice, and name of the USER will be used for posting on i8Universe and i8Coin social medias, and may also be used in assembling videos, posts, both on landing page, dissemination pages, and social networks in general, except if it hurts your honor, in the legal definition, or if it does not comply with the legal provisions of the region where the originator of the post is located with regard to copyright.

2. The use of the user’s image, voice, and name will be allowed for commercial, institutional, expographic, journalistic, historical, academic, educational, informational, social, related to or in i8Universe and i8coin, free of charge, not onerous, for an indefinite period, definitively, unequivocal, unrestricted, irreversible and global in scope, including internet and social medias.

3. I8UNIVERSE may practice the following acts related to the image, voice, and name:

A- Edit, re-edit, process, modify, alter, cut, compile, group or in any way complement the captured content;

B- Transfer, migrate, relocate, change or in any way change the format or extension of the support to which the content has been captured, whether from physical to digital, digital to physical, or from digital to digital (change of digital file type);

C- Transmit the support that contains i8universe content through any means, whether electronic, digital, magnetic, fiber optic, or any other that may be invented;

D- Store, group or otherwise organize the support in which the i8universe content is inserted, whether in a database, internal or external servers, in an integral or fractional manner;

E- Broadcast or distribute in print or digital media, in physical format or over the internet, and i8universe content may be made available on social media, image, video or sound file sharing sites, either through applications, executable, editable files or not, ringtones, icons and/or wallpapers (computer, tablet and mobile wallpaper),

F- E-Books (books in electronic format) or Audio-Books, whether through personal computers, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other device that can reproduce, store, share, edit or receive such content;

G- Use, reproduce, publish or broadcast i8universe content, even if in print or digital advertisements, in media or mass communication vehicles, provided that this disclosure is directly related to the dissemination of knowledge, stimulation of culture, or even in the conducting promotions and events that in any way can convey the message to the general public about the use of i8universe content for commercial, social, exhibition, educational, academic, historical or institutional purposes;

H- I8UNIVERSE may assign in whole, or in part, tacitly or formally, the rights here by the USER, also being aware that, respecting the definition of honor and copyright limits, by the other users of the platform, through of reposts among others.

4. It declares, ratifying I8UNIVERSE that the USER’s rights regarding the integrity of their honor, good reputation or respectability are reserved, being prohibited the use of the image, voice, or name, in any medium or form that may tarnish the same.

5. The USER declares that he exempts I8UNIVERSE from any responsibility for the misuse of his image, voice, or name by third parties.