We seek to promote a friendly healthy environment and good relationship among all members, respecting their differences, so behaviors that escape this harmony of respect and create hostility cannot be tolerated.

Therefore, any post, text, photo, video, or audio that violates these principles, including, but not limited to:

1) Incitement to violence: we will notify local authorities and remove content whether to an individual, group, or institution.

2) Self-harm: references to encouraging bulimia practices, eating disorders, encouraging self-mutilation practices, publicizing or posting them.

3) Use or abuse of illegal drugs

4) Bullying

5) Harassment; including harmful stalking.

6) Hate speech: whether discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, illness or disability is not allowed. We do not allow hate speech, but a distinction is made between a serious speech for the discussion of ideas and that is educational in combat or social clarification on the themes.

7) Human rights and terrorism: images, texts, videos, or audios when published for sadistic effect or celebrating violence, its use is prohibited.

If the reference of the post is for clarification, educational purposes, to draw attention to a due topic or violation, there is no punishment.

8) Nudity: it is limited to the use of an artistic image, such as classic statues, breastfeeding family, or being of oneself without showing private parts.

9) ***********: sexually explicit content will not be allowed. Pedophilia, zoophilia, or other practices that if found to incur typified crimes, will be forwarded to the local authorities.

10) Third-party personal information: documentation, private data, or data that imply damage, such as exposure of third-party addresses, telephone numbers and emails, financial, banking, or virtual wallet data. Only the hypotheses of journalistic news duly registered and widely disseminated are excepted.

11) Material infringing copyright

12) Trade controlled products: firearms, alcohol, tobacco and adult content products must follow the laws in force in the country where the original user is located. Trading controlled products such as medicines is prohibited on the platform.

13) Phishing and spam: The practice of spam and phishing – electronic fraud through which one tries to steal passwords, financial and personal data – is also prohibited, entailing sending the verified data to local authorities.

14) Fraud, scam or financial pyramid

15) Physical Threat: Safety is always a top priority concern. Therefore, we will remove the content and communicate the authorities about threats that result in physical harm among users. One user cannot threaten another user with violence. Planning, promoting or commemorating an action that results in harm to another person, including theft and vandalism, is also not permitted.

16) Animal Rights: abuse, scourge, zoophilia, trade, or that are harmful to any animal species will be subject to banishment and referral to local authorities. Exception when the reference is to draw attention to a situation in an educational and informative way, or journalistic.