Your privacy is our concern, so we are committed to preserving it at all times.



1.1 These Terms and Conditions of Privacy Policy apply to the services provided by the I8UNIVERSE brand, social media platform, through the website”



2.1 The purpose of the I8UNIVERSE platform is to make available, through the “” website, dissemination and search for content, videos, photos, text, audio, advertisements, services, offers, discounts and promotions for physical and virtual stores, previously registered on the I8UNIVERSE platform.



3.1 All those who wish to have access to the services now provided by the I8UNIVERSE platform must first inform themselves about the rules and conditions of use, which comprise this Term. Wherever, they will be available for consultation on the website.

3.2 When users make use of I8UNIVERSE‘s services, they fully accept these rules and conditions, pledging to respect them. If they do not agree with the conditions prescribed herein, they must refrain from using their access.



4.1 The services made available on I8UNIVERSE can only be accessed by users previously registered on the platform itself and are fully capable, as determined by the legislation of the country where they are located.

4.2 Users at the time of registration with I8UNIVERSE must provide in full all the data requested at the time of registration. And said personal data provided must be true and accurate. If the data provided by users are inaccurate and/or false, they may respond for the information provided and have it suspended or deleted.



5.1 I8UNIVERSE may contain external links that will redirect users to other pages, where these pages will be the results of your referred searches on the I8UNIVERSE website.


5.2 Therefore, the referred redirects to pages that contain any type of illicit, discriminatory, xenophobic, pornographic, offensive, or that denigrate honor and good manners are not.




1.1 Our Privacy Policy is intended to clarify how the data that users share on our PLATFORM, and how they will be used, as well as ensuring their protection, including the personal data of customers who use the I8UNIVERSE services. Ensuring that any information collected will be kept in the strictest confidence, based on the best quality and safety standards.

1.2 In this sense, it is important for you to be aware that all services made available at I8UNIVERSE will be provided in the safest way, therefore, it is necessary to collect some basic information. This information may be stored, processed and accessed, provided that the GDPR EU (European Union), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and New York, with the New York Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act (NY) is respected SHIELD), the Brazilian Legislation, mainly the provisions of Law No. 12.965/14 (“Internet Civil Mark”), Decree No. 8771, of 05/11/16 and Law No. 13.709/2018 (General Law on Personal Data Protection – LGPD), in order to protect the fundamental rights of freedom and privacy and the free development of the natural person’s personality, respecting the legislation of each territory that the platform may have members.

1.3 We are always in constant search for the best practices, and dynamic evolution of membership adherence, that’s why I8UNIVERSE always seeks to adapt the good practices inherent to each territory and legislation. Each active member is free to contribute to these practices by alerting through the I8UNIVERSE collaboration forum any inconsistencies or improvements to it.


2.1 The Privacy Policy provided in this term (“Privacy Policy”), regulates the collection and use of information by the I8UNIVERSE platform (“Web, Beta, and subsequent Application”), explaining to users what information will be collected, how it will be obtained, used and protected.



3.1 All personal data provided by users at the time of registration will remain strictly confidential, and in no way will they be passed on to third parties, except when such information is requested by a Competent Authority, via a Court Order.



4.1 PERSONAL DATA: E-mail, person or entity registration documents, and/or mobile phone. They are used to confirm specific operations carried out via I8UNIVERSE in a commercial environment. This data will be shared with the store/partner in which any transaction is carried out, in order to identify you to the purchase, in addition to providing better shopping experiences for you with our stores and partner service providers.

4.2 BANK DATA: In no way do we ask our users for bank data or passwords.

4.3 VIRTUAL WALLET DATA: We transfer credits acquired from fractions of i8coin tokens, called Stars, to the virtual wallet registered in blockchain on the i8 DEX. These data are personal and confidential, and only the user has his private key for the transaction. I8UNIVERSE only has the public key of the linked wallet to make the due credits. This data is not sold or shared with any third party.



5.1 Considering the purpose, information about interests and consumption is transformed into confidential metadata that will be used to target more relevant content and advertisements to users.

5.2 Aiming at improving the user experience and improving the platform, this information will be used in the form of metadata solely to provide a better content and consumption experience, and will never be used openly with any agent whatsoever.



6.1 Cookies are small packets of data sent from a website to the visitor’s browser. They are collected by I8UNIVERSE to identify users, by sending information from the server to the user’s computer.

6.2 Thus, Cookies serve for internal control of audience and navigation, and can be used to identify or track user preferences, especially when the user disrespects any security rule or engages in any activity that is harmful to the proper functioning of the Site and the Application, such as attempts of defrauding the service.

6.3 The automatic sending of Cookies can be freely changed and deactivated by the user, accessing the browser or device settings.



7.1 By using the platform to perform navigation, postings, purchases and identify promotions and discounts from our partners, the user authorizes the collection of accurate data related to their location, even if they are in the background.

7.2 The approximate location of the user can be deduced from the identification of the IP address. With this, the user authorizes and is aware that they might receive a notification on screen (“Push”) asking for permission to access the location data, as well as a push for content or promotions.

7.3 The user must manifest about the notification, being able to grant access or not. However, considering that this type of information is essential for the proper functioning of the platform, if the user denies access to their location, I8UNIVERSE services may become inaccessible. The collection of location-related data may be interrupted, at any time, by the user, through the settings of the device used to perform it.



8.1 Information may be collected about the device used to run the platform, such as: device model (hardware), operating system, software version, serial number, advertising identifiers, network information, among others.



9.1 I8UNIVERSE adopts effective security mechanisms for the processing of user data, ensuring the privacy, authenticity and inviolability of information, as determined by European, American, and Brazilian legislations.

9.2 All data collected by registration, as well as by the use of the platform, are stored in a reserved database with restricted access to the confidentiality of information and not to use them inappropriately.

9.3 The databases are equipped with authentication mechanisms for accessing records, allowing for the detailed cataloging of these accesses. Thus, it is possible to carry out the subsequent verification, indicating the time, duration, file and identity of the authorized agent who performed the referred access to the records.

9.4 Although this mechanism guarantees the inviolability of collected data, it is important that the user perform basic security procedures on their cell phone and/or computer, through the use of tools such as antivirus, in addition to not providing or informing their password to any third parties.



10.1 Newsletter and Push Notifications: by agreeing to the Terms of Use, the user accepts to receive notifications by email, SMS, Push, among other mechanisms, with content of an informative or promotional nature strictly related to the I8UNIVERSE services.

10.2 Notifications may be canceled if requested by the user, who, in this case, must make a request by e-mail, informing his personal identification and his intention to block the receipt of notifications.

10.3 In addition, if the user no longer wishes to receive e-mails from us, you can at any time click on the “Unsubscribe” links that accompany the footer of all our e-mails. Notifications on the platform can be blocked through the settings of the mobile device.



11.1 If the user no longer wishes to use the services of I8UNIVERSE, he may request that all his data be removed and deleted from our database.

11.2 For this, it is necessary to send an email to, containing your personal identification and express expression of will. As soon as we delete your data, an email will be sent responding to the request.



12.1 The present version of the POLICY TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF

PRIVACY was last updated on 10/20/2021. From time to time, I8UNIVERSE may update and modify these Terms. Thus, a notice will be published to users informing them whenever such changes and changes occur.

12.2 Users, in turn, will have a period of 7 (seven) days to express their agreement with the new Policy. If the manifestation is not carried out during this period, I8UNIVERSE may legitimately consider tacit agreement to the new Privacy Policy.

12.3 Therefore, we recommend that users always reread this Policy, so that they are kept informed of any changes to it.



13.2 I8UNIVERSE will be delighted to provide all necessary clarifications to users, whether related to the Terms, Privacy Policy or the use of the Platform.

13.1 I8UNIVERSE will always have its Customer Service Channel open, where they can clear up any doubts by sending them to our channel at